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The Radio Dept. @ Lunario del Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, 2/19/11

Radio Dept.

Photo by Daniel Patlán

Clear eyes, full hearts, let’s go!

I attended my second concert of the year last weekend and it was pretty good. Before they announced their date here, I had never heard anything by this band. As soon as I heard they were coming, I found the perfect excuse to go visit this city and I started listening. I was impressed, it wasn’t an immediate thing, but I liked it. A couple weeks later I decided and bought my ticket.  Continue reading


Arcade Fire @ Teatro Estudio Cavaret, GDL 10/16

On the 16th night of October, Arcade Fire gave their last concert in their North American tour, and in their visit to Mexico to a very enthusiastic Guadalajaran crowd. The writing writer happily attented, and this is his story. The writing writer tried to get some photos, but for some reason all the Flickr ones were prohibited. Videos are not those of the writing writer.

It was a sunny and promising Saturday when my friend arrived. He didn’t know much about Arcade Fire but somehow I had convinced him of going to their concert. We arrived at the bus station around noon, bought tickets and immediately boarded. The first hour we were very talky-talky, but then he said he wanted to get some sleep and changed seats. Then this vendor arrived and started making some retarded conversation with him, which he didn’t manage well. He stayed there for a good half an hour talking, while I was preparing for the concert with my headphones on. Later my friend told me how much he hated that guy and how he thought there was something off with him. There was. Continue reading

Spoon @ Polyforum Siqueiros 09/25


Photo by Ana Tello

This was long overdue. Two weeks ago from today I attended the Polyforum Siqueiros, with stars in my eyes, to see one of my favorite bands of the current era under the biggest painting in the world, which is pretty cool, actually. Our oddissey started on Friday night, when we arrived at the improvised bus station of the improvised bus company that one of my friends recommended (only on price, although it really is very cheap). I stood in line while my friend kept whining about how hungry he was and trying to find someplace that sold food in that area, at 11 PM. After I got to the tickets table that they had set up, they told me they didn’t have me on the “reservations” list and that they were gonna try to find me some seats. Alright, as long as you take us there, I thought.  Continue reading