The Radio Dept. @ Lunario del Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, 2/19/11

Radio Dept.

Photo by Daniel Patlán

Clear eyes, full hearts, let’s go!

I attended my second concert of the year last weekend and it was pretty good. Before they announced their date here, I had never heard anything by this band. As soon as I heard they were coming, I found the perfect excuse to go visit this city and I started listening. I was impressed, it wasn’t an immediate thing, but I liked it. A couple weeks later I decided and bought my ticket. 

I left Friday evening and had a pretty good trip while reading a book about non-conformity and shit like that. It’s interesting, really. It was all going well until I arrived Friday night and went out. I’m not gonna talk about it, but let’s just say sometimes I hate that city. Or rather, the people that live in it. Anyway, Saturday started with a pretty hungover me and I had to work hard at recovering fluids for that night. Night came by and I arrived at the place around 8 PM. It wasn’t very crowded, I stood in line and waited, alone, while looking at the hipsters talk about whatever hipsters talk about. Clothes, I guess? I wouldn’t know, my city has few hipsters and they all hide in their… hipster places. I don’t know. See, hipsters in my city are like a myth, nobody really knows if they’re there. They are like unicorns. Maybe they don’t even exist.

About 30 minutes later we all went in and I went close to the stage to wait because I was alone and I was too hungover to go get drinks or meet people/hipsters. A few minutes of awkward glances at the other attendees went by and then I was approached by this one guy. I thought he was gonna rob me so I looked up at him and then I recognised his face as he walked towards me. He was some dude I had met at a Spoon concert a few months ago. I honestly never expected to see that guy again in my life. We talked about an hour about concerts and new music and Radiohead and shit and then The Radio Dept. came out.

I can recognize most of their songs, but not by name, so I can’t really tell you exactly what they played, but they played for about an hour and a half and it went by FAST. It was good. Great, in fact. I honestly wasn’t expecting them to sound so natural, given their genre and stuff. Their drum machine didn’t get in the way of their performances, and even though a good part of the concert felt very “recorded”, they managed to pull off an amazing feeling. I was expecting “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done” and “Your Father”, but complaining about setlists is bullshit. I wanna say the audience wasn’t really cheery, but it was really me who was in a shitty mood and hungover.

The sound wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t annoying either. At first I was like “what’s up with the vocals?” but then I got over it and thoroughly enjoyed the concert. I mean, had I been in a better mood I would have enjoyed it a lot more, but it was still a great concert and I’ll surely remember it at the end of the year.

Also, I met the band the day after the concert at a bazar. It was awkward, as it always is when you meet artists, but they seemed like nice guys. I went over to say hi to them and I decided to not be to them, like I was with the Spoon guys. I wanted to tell them about how I really expected them to play “Where Damage…”, but you know, what’s the point?


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