It happened – Spoon and Arcade Fire coming to Mexico

Just when I was complaining about how nobody comes here and how boring this country is music-wise, it happened; two awesome concerts by two awesome bands got announced. Like, oh my god. The Suburbs is like, the album of the year (let’s forget about The Monitor for a second), and Spoon is like the greatest band ever (let’s forget about MMJ for a second, too).

The plan is the following:
Spoon is at the Poliforum Siqueiros -which is this cool little theater-, on Saturday 25th of September, at Mexico City (of course), which is like 5 hours from where I’m located. So, this hippie friend I have told me about this buses that charge about $20 bucks per trip to the capital, making that a total of $40 for the trip and another $40 for the concert. Good. I know plenty of people there so sleeping in is not a problem. I already told a couple friends about the plan and they seemed very interested, especially one of them, but even if they can’t go, fuck it, it’s Spoon. I don’t mind going alone. The tickets are already on sale but I doubt they’ll sell out soon. Nevertheless, I’ll buy them soon. It’s good that they’re not coming with Ticketmaster because they’re evil and overcharge for everything, but they’re also very convenient.

Then a couple weeks later (Sunday, October 10th) Arcade Fire is coming to the Palacio de los Deportes in the same city. The plan is the same except that I’ll be going with the hippie previously mentioned. He’s cool. Tickets will be on pre-sale just for the clients of this bank called Banamex. This is bullshit, because Ticketmaster always does the same pre-sale with the same bank and the tickets always sell out during the pre-sale, so they usually open another date, but I’ll doubt that’ll happen this time given to AF’s schedule. So, I’ll somehow have to get my tickets with that bank. Fuuuuuuck. But I’ll work it out. I’m excited! The Suburbs tour looks amazing. Should be a very big show. Oh, and Calexico is opening for them. Never got into them, but I’ll get a few of their albums before the concert.

Now I just need to figure out which one I’m more excited for. Spoon is a smaller band and they have pop-ish songs and more experience, they seem cool live, but Arcade Fire can really do a show and they are having one of their biggest moments right now. Also, they are Arcade Fire. I don’t know, it’s hard deciding!
And so, the coming months will be crazy! Woo! Yeah! Ok now. I got of Montreal’s new album False Priest (the controler sphere!) and I’ll give it a listen and I’ll write something cool about it. Wait for it. I said wait damnit!


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