Arcade Fire’s live stream from Madison Square Garden

Win Butler

We have witnessed history, friends. Or at least I have. I’m sure Arcade Fire are not the first band to have done it, in fact, I think The National did it back when the beast High Violet came out, but Arcade Fire really kicked some ass tonight. If you didn’t know, Arcade Fire played tonight (opening their tour, I believe) at New York in the Madison Square Garden and for some reason they broadcasted it live in what I think is a partnership with YouTube and whoever the fuck VEVO is. If you missed it, I believe they’ll be rebroadcasting it all week just like with The National’s performance they’ll have the “highlights” up on the channel just like they did with The National.

As a native mexican, I don’t get to see many concerts, so I always get very excited when stuff like this happens, or when they release awesome live concerts on video like MMJ’s Okonokos or David Gilmour’s Remember That Night. Also, because of my inexperience I don’t have what you’d call “standards” as to what’s a good live performance and what’s not, but holy shit Arcade sounded awesome. The direction was awesome, at moments there was like a camera, but then you saw the shade of another camera and it was like “Whoa, Mindfuck.”. There were some pre-recorded artsy videos being played on some of the songs As if Arcade’s music wasn’t enough of a mindfuck. There was some akward dancing and also a couple times where Win threw himself at the crowd. What’s that about?

For the most part Arcade just played, there was very little interaction. Other than a moment where he told the people in the front to fuck off because he wanted to dance himself clean (get it?) and another where he interrupted “Sprawl II” halfway through the song because the drummer f’ed up and he said something like “Live music, yeah! repeat!”and then they repeated the song from the start. It was funny, really. Oh, he also said something about swearing and 8 year olds.

I’m glad they’re playing a lot of The Suburbs. Of course they’re gonna play at least half of Funeral, because that album was like the second coming of Jesus for the indie world. It feels like they’re neglecting Neon Bible a bit, although this is the tour of The Suburbs and they should play it almost in it’s entirety. There was a poll in the YouTube/VEVO site about what the encore was gonna be. “Wake Up”, “Neighborhood #3” and “Keep the car running” were the options. Obviously, “Wake Up” ended up being the encore.
And there was also a rumor about them coming to Mexico this year, but I looked it up and there’s still nothing confirmed. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like Spoon, where they said on Esquire that they’d come with Transference and then they didn’t. By the way, Spoon is opening for Arcade Fire, how weird is that? You know, Spoon has like a dozen albums and Arcade barely has 3.
Well, I’m gonna go enjoy the re-broadcast.

The setlist, sort of:

-Ready to Start (The Suburbs)
-Neighborhood #2 (Funeral)
-No Cars Go (Neon Bible, Arcade Fire EP)
-Haiti (Funeral)
-Empty Room (The Suburbs)
-The Suburbs (The Suburbs)
-Crown Of Love (Funeral)
-Rococo (The Suburbs)
-Intervention (Neon Bible)
-We Used to Wait (The Suburbs)
-Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) (Funeral)
-Rebellion (Lies) (Funeral)
-Month of May (The Suburbs)
-Keep the Car Running (Neon Bible)
-Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
-Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) (The Suburbs)
-Wake Up (Funeral)

They uploaded some videos from last night. There are also some surprisingly funny interview videos on their channel.

Ready to Start


Empty Room


3 responses to “Arcade Fire’s live stream from Madison Square Garden

  1. Hey, nice review! Muy buen concierto! Veo que eres de México, ojalá puedas visitar mi blog:

  2. Y he revisado varias entradas, buenas reseñas!

  3. Gracias! Tu blog se ve interesante, también. Cuando tenga tiempo le dare una leída.

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