Together – The New Pornographers

Wait, are they jumping off the cliff or dancing?

Once upon a time there was a great album called Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga by a Texan band called Spoon. Upon the first listen throughs, Ga(x5) appeared to be like something brought to us mortal humans by some sort of crazy pop-gods that were spoiling us. It was an inhuman experience, it was pop heaven; a friendship meant to last. However, by the fifth listen the love started to wear off. Just like that, what before seemed like a jewel in the indie sea of music vanished and became a bit dull. It was still great, you could appreciate it and even enjoy it, but the love was gone. You didn’t really want to go and listen to it eagerly, at least not as eagerly as on the first listens. Soon enough, you forgot all about it, maybe you’d take it out for a spin ocassionally and remember how brilliant it once was, but you knew your relationship with Spoon’s “poppiest” jewel could never be the same.

That’s exactly what happened to me with this album, Together. The first time I heard it, I praised it as my new anthem. Second listen-through made me appreciate it even more. But after the third one, it was all downhill. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy it anymore, it’s that it isn’t as enjoyable once the novelty of it is passed. It’s like when you’re a kid with a new toy, first it’s all fun and laughs, but after you get done with the bubble wrap and take it out for a while, you store it and never want to see it again. It’s still cool and you can see why you once were obsessed with it, but you know you’ll never feel the same about it as you once did.

After getting bored with it, there’s still songs that I truly enjoy. The opener “Moves” reminds me a bit of Arcade Fire in it’s instrumentality (is that a word?), a fun song with it’s recurring riff and jumpy vocals. I love “My Shepard” because it’s beautiful and it has female vocals, and the one after it, “If You Can See My Mirrors” is also relaxed, catchy and gorgeous. And my favorite, the closer “We End Up Together” feels very romantic, it starts slow and ends on a bang like some of the best, a great way to end this album.

You may notice I used adjectives such as “beautiful” and “gorgeous” a handful of times back there. Well, it’s because they fit perfectly in this album. Before I knew them, when I used to hear the name “New Pornographers” I thought of them as a punk-ish band, sort of like Surfer Blood. But turns out they’re completely the opposite, their songs are simple enough and they all have this innocent and charming feeling to them. That’s actually the vibe I get from this, innocence. Without a doubt, a beautiful album, despite of how quick it wears off.



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