It is sad when evil big corporations take advantage of great art to monetize. That’s sort of what happened with Inception here in Mexico. The two main movie theatre chains had Inception announced on their websites for release on July 23. I checked last weekend. Then on Monday, they both took it down. I thought it was an error in the page, and decided to wait until they fixed it to buy my tickets for the official release. Well, that didn’t happen. People started noticing this and started wondering what the fuck was going on. Rumor has it, they both refused to have this movie in their theatres because Warner was trying to overcharge them for the projection of the movie, and so it was only going to be released in minor independent movie theaters. Now, I won’t go into detail about who I think is to be blamed for this, mainly because it’s a rumor and there’s not a lot of info on it, but in the meantime, I got my tickets to see Inception last night at 10 PM in a minor theater, and I must say this might be my new favorite movie.

I’d never heard of Christopher Nolan until after I saw The Dark Knight. I didn’t even want to see The Dark Knight, all I knew about it was that it was part of a Batman reboot and that reboots usually sucked. At the time I was vacationing in California and the people I was with were very excited about it and decided to go to the midnight release. I thought, “ok, but I don’t think I’ll like it”. Boy, was I wrong. The night we went to see it we had dinner at Ihop and then drove in a hybrid to the theatre while listening to the pop songs of the moment. I remember feeling very american. When we went into the movie I was very sleepy and a bit grumpy about being dragged into another shitty american summer film. Then it started and I had to eat all the shit I had previously given to this movie. When I came back home I went back through all of Nolan’s films. He had become one of my favorite persons on the planet.

When I heard about Inception and that it was completely done by Nolan (writing, producing, directing) I nearly shit my pants. I decided to stay away from anything related from it, trailers, reviews, commercials, comments, buses. And I managed to do it. I went into the movie knowing nothing about it other than that it had something to do with dreams and it was done by Nolan with DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I LOVED this movie. Every moment about it was perfect. If anything, the dialog was a little “meh” at times. But, the story, fuck. It was a mindfuck. It was complicated and very unconventional but somehow they made it very easy to follow. It was so original and weird and awesome! It’s impossible to explain, I doubt I can spoil it for anyone, but all I can say is that this is how you make a movie. Every moment was key, as long as you followed it you were going to understand it easily, but if you drifted away from the movie for a moment it got hard to pick up the plot. I know I missed some moments because I got distracted, and I will have to watch it a few more times to completely understand it, and then another dozen times to enjoy it’s brilliancy!

I can’t imagine how someone could write this, come up with all of this theory about dreams and then all the plot above it all, which while it needed a bit more relevance in it’s final purpose, the details about it were very good and the story of the main character and how the other characters come into play with his destination are awesome. I read this theory about SPOILER: how the whole movie might have all been a dream by DiCaprio’s character, that all the movie and all the characters were all just how DiCaprio’s character interpreted them. It’s definitely possible although the plot is open for a lot of interpretations. That’s how you make a plot! When there’s not just one truth but many possible ways the movie could go or could have been. There might be plot holes, I know I thought some while I as watching the movie but then forgot about them later, but that’s with any good story and you really have to go deep into the plot to dig them out. All I have to say is this is how you make a movie. Entertaining from start to finish, a challenge to your audience that comes with a payoff, and just completely go out of line and do something unexpected and totally original! I also like the whole “Nolan ambience” that is characteristic of him. There’s this thing to the lightning, feeling and the gamma of colors in his movies that make them feel so unique. It’s like an alternative world where everything seems shady. Please don’t change, Nolan.

It still has to stand the test of time, but as it looks like right now, I’m looking at my new favorite movie.


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