Summer Jams

I’ve always felt summer is a slow season for videogames and music releases. I would say movies too, because most summer movies are shit, but I’m not gonna say that (although I did kind of say it). And so this summer I decided that I was going to pick up albums that I missed earlier this year. I tried to make them all albums from artists that I’ve never heard of, and although I haven’t had enough time to listen to them profoundly, I do have some first impressions. Here they are, with a little insight on what I’ve felt about them so far. I might or might not write more deeply about these albums later on. So, let’s begin.

Astrocoast – Surfer Blood
I had heard one single from this album and that helped me decide on it. I have only heard one or two times and it’s not really that impressive. I can see me getting into them with time, but this first listens have not caught my ear completely. It’s not bad, it’s just not anything new. The voice is hard to get into and the whole album feels like one long track, there’s not much difference between the tracks, but that could change with time.

Together – The New Pornographers
This one is probably my favorite out of the albums I picked up. I’d heard of The New Pornographers on last year’s compilation “Dark Was The Night” and from several TV shows (The Office, Chuck, Heroes, etc.), but I had never picked up any of their albums, until now. And wow, it’s awesome. I loved it the first time I listened to it. The second, I liked it even more. But after that it got old quick. There’s still some great songs, but after a few listens you realize that two thirds of the songs are mediocre. Still very, very worthy of a listen through. They sort of remind me of Arcade Fire, but not as good.

Beat the Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
I like this. This is another band that I’ve heard a single from and loved it. I have not had enough time with it, but it’s cool. It’s fun. Like, that kind of rock that isn’t very serious about their music, and that’s good. It feels relaxed, fun and like something you’d listen as background music and be totally cool about it.

Big Echo – The Morning Benders
I have mixed feelings about this. The first time I heard it was while I was doing some other stuff and not really putting much attention to it and i thought it was a bit dull. Then I heard it again, paying a bit more attention to it and I thought it was very good. It’s definitely meant to be studied and not just heard, I can see me getting into these guys in the future. It has a Veckatimest/Grizzly Bear tone to it in some parts and that’s good because I loved Veckatimest, as boring as it was.

Romance Is Boring – Los Campesinos!

Another one that I’m confused about. I like the title, and I like parts of it, but I do not like the voice of the guy. I can’t get into it. It switches places really fast and the songs are very fragmented,but I like that, it sort of reminds me of Skeletal Lamping by of Montreal.But I still haven’t made up my mind about it, I’ve only listened to it a couple times while doing other stuff. I’ll call this a grower.

Plastic Beach – Gorillaz
I have not listened to this. I have tried, but I get bored or distracted halfway through. I don’t really feel like listening to this.

My Best Frien Is You – Kate Nash
I have a thing for female indie (pseudo-indie, or whatevs) singers. But there’s not a lot of them and if there are they’re not very good. So I was attracted to this girl, and as I expected, it’s not great but it’s also not bad. It’s average, although I find her accent kind of sexy. And it’s a fun record.

Have One on Me – Joanna Newsom
Again with the sexy ladies. But this, contrary to My Best Friend is You, is completely the opposite, meaning long and dull. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to listen to it completely and enjoy it. Actually, I didn’t listen to it completely, I got about halfway through and switched to something more concise and fun. I’ll give it another chance, but I’m rarely in the mood for this kind of album. In fact, I had been putting off Joanna Newsom because I heard her albums were super long. And I don’t regret it.

Sea of Cowards – The Dead Weather
I’ve never been much into Jack White’s stuff, and needless to say I’ve only heard this once and don’t remember much of it. But there’s a lady and she sings so I’ll definitely give it another listen. I do like the cover.

The Wild Hunt – The Tallest Man on Earth
I’m surprised I did not like this album, because I usually enjoy folk a lot. But there was something about how this guy does it that didn’t get my attention. His voice feels careless, messy and weak. I only heard this once, it might be a grower.

And so that’s it. I wish I had more time to listen to these albums so I could about them more fully, I’ll try. In the meantime, I’ll go look up the discography of the New Pornographers. I’ve also been listening to Stereogum’s Cruel Summer free compilation.


2 responses to “Summer Jams

  1. “King Of Spain” is probably one of my favorite songs this year. “No Horse”(D.W.) is good, too!

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