Matt LeBlanc and Showtime? Interesting…

I like Showtime series a lot. Californication is probably my favorite series in recent years. Although the 3rd season was out of line with the previous seasons, the finale made up for everything. I also like Dexter but I have only watched the first couple seasons (and I am very intrigued to watch the next ones). I have only watched a few episodes of Weeds and I liked them, but I haven’t had time to get into it. Another series that I recall liking was Secret Diary of a Call Girl, it was british but I think I remember watching it on Showtime.

Anyway, the reason I’m saying this is because I recently heard in Californication’s Facebook page that this fall Showtime will debut a new series starring Matt LeBlanc (from Friends… and Joey) called Episodes. It’s supposed to be about a couple that is remaking a british show for US audiences (like The Office… or the Top Gear NBC project). Now, when I first read the announcement I was pis-sad because it also said that the fourth season of Californication was not going to premiere until January, when usually the new seasons premiere around September. That’s about a bit more than a year long wait for the most breathtaking cliffhanger I’ve seen. But we’re not discussing the awesomeness that Californication is (why am I talking plural?). We’re here (I’m here) to talk about how unexpectedly interested I am in watching this. Joey was mediocre, but I never expected much from it. The last seasons of Friends were not as good. But this is Showtime. And it’s a cool concept, but most importantly, I’ve never seen Showtime do anything wrong. And I like Matt LeBlanc as an actor. He can be too much, but I usually enjoy him. Not to mention that it has one of the writers/creators from Friends. And did I mention it’s on Showtime?


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