The Demise of Dr. House (and the “no, it doesn’t need to end” syndrome)

We’ve all seen it. A show lasts for too long and then it loses audience and becomes boring. This is something that happens to almost every TV show nowadays, and I, with all my authority, have decided to name it the “no, it doesn’t need to end syndrome”.

An excellent example of this syndrome is “24”, it started strong and became even more popular near the fourth and fifth season; the fifth especially because it was fucking awesome. But then the sixth season happened and almost everybody stopped giving a shit. I recently heard that it ended this season (I had previously heard that it signed for another 3 seasons, that was back in season six I believe), and nobody gave a fuck. I had completely forgot about it and the fact that it existed. I tried to watch after season five but it seemed boring and tedious. Like, there was people alive, then dead, then alive, then bad, then good, then dead. And then they resurrected them. Like, what the fuck? It was too much. Too stupid, too complicated, and it had been going for too damn long. Suddenly, the writers, and the cast won’t be remembered by that awesome show that ended on a high note, but by that mediocre show that nobody can quite recall well and nobody is really certain about what happened to it. Had “24” ended in the fifth season, with all the praise and shitty TV awards that it got, everyone would have been anxious to see what the creator of the series would do next. Since it did the exact opposite, it just got lost in that big sea of failing TV shows.

Now, House is doing the exact same thing. I watched all available seasons (one through five) last summer and I quite enjoyed it. I usually don’t like medical anything (especially TV shows), but House M.D. had one of the most interesting, clever and funny characters I’ve ever seen (it’s called “House” for a reason). I liked the direction they were gonna take with the rehab and all that stuff, and the sexual tension with House and Cuddy is interesting, but it’s been dragged too much. I have watched the first episodes of season six and I’ve found it’s not fun anymore. This shit about the old team coming back and then going away again and all the personal relationship problems that are presented this season make me want to stop watching this. It feels old and forced. House is still funny sometimes, and I will keep watching it to see if it can somehow regain it’s shape. I’ve heard the ending is good but I can’t see how they could make it interesting for me again.

Other series that have also suffered from this syndrome are The Office (I can’t imagine how it could work without Steve Carell), The Simpsons, Friends, E.R., Law & Order, CSI, and countless amounts of other TV shows.
The ones who have done it right are The Sopranos, and that is basically all I can think of. I hope Californication doesn’t fuck it up, it could have ended last season.

Watch this trainwreck for yourself:


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